So, long story short. I used to own a yarn company. Eventually I figured out I was losing money every year and it made no financial sense to continue. It took a while to come to terms with that since I didn’t know what to do if I didn’t own my yarn company. Eventually I decided to make jewelry (I think it was something to grasp onto so I had a way to end my yarn biz other than suicide).

So I took some metalsmithing classes, made some jewelry, sold some, but not enough to support myself. (Familiar, that.)

Then life stuff happened, my depression got worse, I had even less energy than before, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, etc., etc., etc.

So here we are.

The yarn is long gone. The patterns are still available for sale.

I haven’t had the energy or the motivation to make jewelry in years. After enough stuff sold in my going out of business sale, I eventually closed the shop.

Since I’m not making jewelry anymore, I’ve got a ton of supplies I won’t be using. Some of them are for sale. I’m slowly adding more. (No energy, remember?)

And I inherited my mom’s vintage jewelry. She had 12 metric tons of it. Ok, maybe not that much, but a lot. I kept a few pieces I liked, but most of it isn’t stuff I would wear, so I’m selling it. I’ve run out of energy to list more, so I’d like to sell everything as a lot. Let me know if you’re interested.

Other than that, I sleep a lot, spend a lot of time on Twitter, water my houseplants, and…sleep…(did I mention I have several invisible disabilities?)