New Gallery! and a favor to ask?

Last month the manager of a gallery in New Mexico asked if I had about ten pieces in the $30-80 range incorporating recycled or repurposed materials, as she was going to be in the area in the beginning of September. I didn’t, but I started getting a lot of ideas. Constraints spark creativity!

I made 23 pieces! I figured she would take ten, and I would put the rest in my etsy shop.

She took all of them! Huzzah!

So you can now find my work at Weasel & Fitz in Madrid, New Mexico.

I’ve been making more pieces since then! While I’m still moving my older work over from the old shop a few items each day, soon I will be able to add some of my new work as well.

And while I was hard at work one day, it hit me: I have a show scheduled next month that I’m waitlisted for. A show that I do not have anywhere near enough inventory for. Ok, I’m working on that.

Pendants in process

And…a show that I do not have a way of getting to. When I applied, I was still with Rob, and he was going to drive me. I wouldn’t have applied otherwise.

But I did, and I’ve been juried onto the waitlist. I may or may not get called to go. It depends on whether someone else cancels who’s in the same category with the same size booth, and how many other people with the same category and booth size are ahead of me on the waitlist. I may not find out until the day before the show.

But I need to be prepared, so if I do get called, everything is lined up.

The show is only 20 miles away, but I don’t drive.

What I need is someone (or multiple someones) to drive me from Ann Arbor to Northville and back on

  • Thursday, October 11
  • Friday, October 12
  • Saturday, October 13

If you’re able and willing to do that on any or all of those days, please let me know, and then we can talk about specific times and addresses. You will have my eternal gratitude.